Welcome to ‘The Sisters Grimm.’ We’re happy to present Page One. Nic has really set a nice tone and palette for the comic and I think this establishing shot shows that Mars itself is going to be a major character.

So, what to expect? We’ve stockpiled a decent amount of pages and I wish I could just post them all immediately. But one thing you really need when working with webcomics is patience. I must learn patience. We’ll be updating the comic on Fridays, with more background material showing up on Wednesdays (when we have new material). We have a small backlog of SG-verse stuff now too, so expect some insights into 2339 Mars soon. We’re also planning a podcast down the road, so stay tuned.

Nic and I would love to hear any comments, especially from any webcomic artists or writers. This is our first real project together and any advice is appreciated.

So thanks for looking. We’re pretty proud of what we’ve got so far and we’re looking forward to keeping you (hopefully) entertained for a good 30-40 seconds every Friday.