A2A       Epilogue Two

Two days off the coast of Mars…

Happy Friday, Marsers. It’s been a crazy week. Chelsea Manning (who I think has a weird sorta Bugs Bunny in drag thing going on) first and now Ben Affleck as Batman. I have to say, I actually don’t have a problem with this. I think he showed a steely confidence in Argo, which should translate well to Bruce Wayne. Personally, I was hoping for Joe Manganiello.

This is, as they say, a wrap. Final page of our second book, Free Mars: Ashes2Ashes. I really, really like how this second offering came out. In terms of  art, pacing, and plot, I think it is far more refined than Riot Girls. Which I think mostly comes from experience. I mean, these are still the first two comic books I’ve written. NRG just keeps getting better and better. He knows these characters like his own beautiful kids, and he the world of Free Mars is as familiar to him as downtown Buenos Aires. We are both very proud of this book.

Especially the way it ends. As a writer, you invariably eventually find there are certain characters that you just really love. You’re invested emotionally in all your characters, but some just demand more attention. Shade Endgame is not only my favorite villain, but maybe my favorite character (after the band). Part of that is because I have a very detailed back-story for her, but part of that is just because she’s so goddamned bad-ass!

Our final supporter cameo also appears this week in the form of the Vice President Radovanovic. A brief appearance, but an important one. Expect to see the Veep back in the next chapter.

Which leads me to an important question. At this point, we are entirely focused on getting this book to the printer. The final hard copy, along with the 32mm miniatures, t-shirts, and other Free Mars Kickstarter gear is all coming together over the next couple months. Nothing else can happen until we finish what we’ve promised we’d deliver. That is the priority. But, once these books are in the post, we will look ahead. We have some ideas and we have some options, but I would very much like to get your input. Would you like to see a straight shot into the next chapter or would you like to see a collection of prequel tales, focusing on characters like Damien Kessler and Shade Endgame? Would you like to see a game? Either an RPG or a miniature-board game hybrid? No idea is too crazy, so please send them my way. Email me at freemarscomic@gmail.com.

Check back here and our FaceBook page for updates.

Until then, some credits-rolling music from Curve. Do me a favor and turn it up a little,