Grav-ring, high orbit above Earth (a grey, nasty place)…

Happy Friday (I’m in Love *), Marsers! I do really have to take a step back and tell you that we do really have very few pages left. Then it is straight off to the printers, which means all of you very, very patient and understanding KickStarter supporters are much closer to your books and various accruement. Again, we can’t thank you loyal women and men enough.

I don’t think Veruca ever looks quite right without a weapon (shower scenes notwithstanding). Here she has access to some gravitic mines. Will it be enough to affect an escape for the band and the Charybdis? Tune in next week.

*You may have noticed The Cure song jammed in there. Let’s just say I’m very excited about Lollapalooza this year. We’ve got tickets for Sunday (one day is plenty for an old salt like me who would’ve had my Carousel long ago). I’m looking forward to some Jake Bugg, The Vaccines, and a little Two Door Cinema Club. But the headliner is The Cure, who I’ve never seen live. I’ve heard they put on a great live show.

So, let’s go with ‘Close To Me’ this week. Why? Because Veruca uses a proximity mine, that’s why. Get it?