Happy Friday, Marsers! I hope you all can find time out of your busy San Diego Comic Con schedules of waiting in line for panels and waiting in line for show exclusives to check out this week’s page! I’m just kidding. I think I always have a certain amount of envy this time of year. I’ve never been to the great Mecca of fandom that is SDCC. I’ve always wanted to, but typically Games Day and Gen Con straddle the West Coast Show of Shows and you just can’t, as they say, do everything. If you are there, please find the APE Entertainment booth and tell them just how much you love the comic. And don’t worry about me, I might not be at the comic Mecca, but I did reach my own personal nirvana this week, but that was more Macca than Mecca (more on that later).

Okay, I think I lost my shizz here on this last panel. What a cinematic frame. The cruel intentioned design of the Remnant interceptors is perfect, while the beautiful shot the of Charybdis making for open space against the backdrop of the setting (rising?) sun is just naffing amazing to me. NRG!

You’ll have to give me a minute here. I saw Paul McCartney this week in Milwaukee at a record-breaking, sold-out show. I say this with no hesitation – it was the best concert I’ve ever seen. The set list, which included Beatles sleepers ‘Your Mother Should Know’ and ‘Lovely Rita’ and Wings masterworks ‘Hi Hi Hi’ and ‘Junior’s Farm’, felt like it was written by my friends and I after a few sour beers. It was a stunning line-up. And though the man is 71 years old, I’ve never heard him sound better. It was a perfect concert. Thanks, Joe.

So, to celebrate the event and the band’s escape (maybe?) from Holy Earth, we have to go with ‘Band on the Run’, in this case the 1976 concert version.

Until next week,