A2A                    PAGE THIRTY TWO

Martian comrades! Happy Friday (Sol Veneris). Thanks for once again tuning in to our weekly serial. We are very happy to bring it to you in all its electronic (and soon to be printed) glory!

This page is a little bitter-sweet. Vikki and her band have what they’ve come for and are ready to leave behind the wreckage of a world that is Earth. Who could blame them? But their departure means that we have to say goodbye to Siouxsie. At least, for now. So, let’s just say au revoir. I have a feeling that the Free Mars ‘verse hasn’t seen the last of our Remnant Underground leader.

It is reassuring to see the Charybdis again. I love this ship.

I also think Nic’s elevator shot here is pretty poignant.

I’ve got a new band for you this week. They’ve just released their first EP. They’re a self-described Baltimore band (shout out to my Maryland peeps), but the members are actually fairly geographically diverse, including one dude from Chicago. Diamond Youth. The EP is pretty good, but ‘Cannonball’ is an awesome track. Very Muse, in me humble opinion.

There’s a sneak preview of the 5-page prequel tale, Red Reign, on our FaceBook page right now if you’re interested. It was also ‘cast out to our KS backers. The art is by punk-rock artist-musician Ech. Known for his CD art and gig poster work, his style is pretty neo-retro. Chicagoans of a certain age group will recognize a certain club name, once again. I think you’re gonna like this short story. Lot’s of angry Samantha.

Until next week, Marsers,


PS. Have you seen ‘Pacific Rim?’ Even the bad reviews make it sound awesome.