Good morning, Marsers! We are very pleased to bring you this week’s installment of our little project. I also want to wish a belated ‘Happy Birthday’ to the United States. While I still contend that there would be many benefits to remaining part of the British Empire, I suppose everything did work out for the best.

This week’s page. Well, I’ll let you be the judge as to whether we were entirely successful or not, but I think we tried to combine some nice graphic violence with some 80’s sitcom humor. Now, I’m biased, but I think Samantha’s joke is pretty funny, in a ‘Three’s Company’ kinda way.

And NRG goes full-on action this week. While I believe Nic’s ultimate forte is wide, panoramic shots packed with more detail than a Forge World model, I do think he’s just as much at home with a dynamic fight sequence.

Sneak Preview Day! When you get a chance, take a look at our FaceBook page. I’m posting something right now that you might dig. We’re including a short prequel tale in the new book and we have some pencils up. I’ll have more on the mystery artist in the next few weeks, along with some of his color work. Stay tuned.

I’m still on sort of a glam kick this week. Sweet’s ‘Little Willy’ seems to be a good counter-point (no pun intended) to the frenetic action. I have this sort of crazy fantasy about the Free Mars Broadway show. The soundtrack would be bands like Slade, Sweet, Bowie, T-Rex. A man can dream….