Happy Friday, Marsers and Marserettes. What happened to June? Pretty soon it’ll be football season (Premiere League and NFL).

SPLASH page this week. Nic and I both love these. They are like small moons in the asteroid field of panels. And we always try and make our SPLASHES as dynamic as possible and this week is no exception. The girls once again find themselves flung into the chaos of battle.

I’m a little sentimental again this week for some strong female vocals from the 90′s. I guess I always am, realistically. Those of you who have been with us through these strange eons are probably overly-familiar with my 90′s alternative love. Though Luscious Jackson aren’t from the UK. New York, actually. Started on the Beastie Boy’s label too, which is very cool. Their ‘Naked Eye’ is a good pairing this week, I think. I remember this video from 120 Minutes – anyone else old enough to remember 120 Minutes?

Also tonight, Nic wanted me to deliver a personal message about our KickStarter delay. I think he’s laid out a pretty honest assessment:

Dear marsers,

First off, I’d like to apologise to you all. It is plain to see that we’ve delayed quite a bit from our projected April delivery date, as set in our Kickstarter. And of course, the blame for that falls on my shoulders; rightly so, I might add.

What happened? Well, a lot happened, as usual. Being a freelancer is a tricky business, with bumps and detours abounding. But, to summarise, I made a big mistake when projecting the release date of the newest installment of our saga. I should’ve asked for more time, but didn’t, trusting my speed, but underestimating my workload, my health and my life as a husband and father. And, perhaps more importantly, I underestimated my capacity for growth.
Being a young artist, I find myself evolving with each new panel I draw and I’m constantly challenging my style and technique, which of course, can cause time lapses that aren’t necessarily in accord with deadlines. As both Dave and I grew telling this tale, so did the time involved in the creation of each page. My art has become much more precise and detailed; my colors richer and my storytelling more solid and grounded. I incorporated techniques and angles I never tried before and found solutions for action scenes and effects that had never occured to me. Thus, in the end, you’re going to be getting much more than what you pledged for. You’ll be getting better art and better storytelling, as well as a more precise rendering and technique.

But late is still late and I won’t make up any excuses for it. I hope you know that I’m doing my best to deliver you with the best possible book and within a reasonable timetable, despite my missing the April date.

I thank you all for your support and hope you continue to extend it to us. As I always say, and now more than ever: the best is yet to come.

Thank you!


Until next week – I have some interesting previews to show ya,