Interior, Remnant Underground secret broadcast center, Crater Town.

Happy Friday, Marsers. Kinda big news this week from our Kickstarter. Chris Borer, master sculptor and painter delivered some WIP shots of the miniature version of Vikki Grimm. They look incredible. If you aren’t a backer (for shame), you can see pics on our FaceBook page. Sorta cries out for a Free Mars game at some point, yeah?

Nic also delivers this week with what can only be called a detail-packed page. We get to see a better shot of Brian, our intrepid producer. Brian is one of the supporters who felt so strongly about the comic that they pledged enough to actually appear in the comic. Brian has been with us from the very early days and I’m glad we could feature his character again this week. In fact, he didn’t know this until now, but I’m gonna let him pick this week’s song pairing.

I love that Siouxsie’s mask still kinda has an expression this week. And we should probably get you some weapons. Truer words, eh?

Finally, did you see the KIA commercial with the SexBots? Check it out. Now you see why we left Xander Thule screaming…

Until next week,