Interior, Choral Practice Room, Tabernacle Space Station. Geo-sync orbit.

Good morning, Marsers. Happy Saturday. Though wishing you a happy Saturday means we’re late with our update. Nic, our intrepid artist, has been sick all week, so we can cut him some slack. I’m not a doctor, but I’m told the African rabies isn’t as bad as all that…

In all seriousness, we take our Friday schedule very seriously, so we apologize for the delay. Nic feels really bad and wanted me to pass on his apology. I hope the page itself makes up for it.

I wanted this page to go out late, in the dark of night. Though I suppose it’s dark somewhere. The Holy Choir of Earth! The High Theocrat’s elite shock troops and hymn-singers. I think of mentioned it, but a lot of the inspiration for these guys and gals comes from Michael Moorcock’s Pan-Tangians. Remember those guys?

Nic packs a ton of terror into each member. I love gas masks, for the record. Dr. Who fans will appreciate a creepy gas mask, back to ‘The Deadly Assassin’ and, more recently, ‘Empty Child’.

This week’s pairing provides a nice juxtaposition with the creepiness of the Choir. Maybe even adds to the threat, Tarantino style. It comes from a (relatively) new artist – Jake Bugg. ‘Lightning Bolt’ is definitely some old school rock ‘n roll. I feel slightly aged when I’m talking about a kid born in 1994, but Bugg’s voice and style sorta exemplifies the “old soul” thing. The whole album is worth a listen and I suspect we’ll be hearing a lot more of young Bugg. I’ll be checking him out at Lollapalooza.

I just listened to this song again – awesome.

Until next week. We wish NRG! (or Patient Zero) a speedy recovery.