Interior, Tabernacle Space Station, Control Center. High orbit above Earth.

Happy Friday, Marsers. Happy Memorial Day weekend to all our U.S. readers and a very extra special thanks to all of our readers currently serving overseas in the military. I’ve heard from some of you guys in the past and this week’s page is dedicated to you. You don’t get nearly enough credit. That goes for all the veterans as well. Thanks.

Splash page! I love splash pages. I try and get one in every so often and Nic always nails ‘em. No exception this week. The band looks great (I am so naffing glad that Veruca has a keytar). But I’m really loving Siouxsie’s message to the High Theocrat.

++Pucker Up++

The title comes from Sam Hollander, who used to help me spit-ball song and band names. But Chicago musician and Free Mars militia member Derek Gundersen really fleshed-out the song, adding lyrics and even recording a demo version. Derek is an incredibly talented musician and song-writer and when he talked about working on some Sisters Grimm demos, I was honored. Add Jason Donnelly’s production work to the mix and you have a solid foundation that just might require some female vocals here soon.


From Derek:

This pre-production demo track was worked up by Dub in advance of the Sisters Grimm recordings sessions.

Vocals/Guitar/Bass by Derek Gundersen

Production and Effects by Jason Donnelly


Check it out here on SoundCloud (you may have to copy/paste the link):

Derek and I think we’ll be doing more of this during the summer. We just need to find, as Derek says, our Vikki.

Let us know what you think,