Ashes2Ashes    Page 23.

Interior, the back room of the Green Mill, Offworlder Zone.

Friday once again, Marsers. Hope you’ve had a good, if busy, week and can now sit back, relax with a Pan-galactic Gargle Blaster and enjoy this week’s page, another work of art from our gene-enhanced Argentine, NRG!

Here’s the rub. As Short Round would say, “Bad news coming”. Everyone in Free Mars is willing to help each other, if the price is right. In this case, the cost of acquiring three Martian political prisoners doesn’t seem extravagant. But nothing is ever as easy as it seems…

I always love Nic’s “holo” work. Here is no exception. The three liberated prisoners look great. Nic had a good point, at this point in the story, Kessler deserves a good nap. “Stasis chamber? Yes, please!” And Siouxsie is starting to become one of my favorite characters, thanks to Nic’s design. I’d love to see her back story at some point.

Have I mentioned The Savages yet? Wow. They could very well be THE sound of the Sisters Grimm. An all-female UK band. With a very Sonic Youth-esque feel. The actual album came out this week – Silence Yourself. Which is a nicer way of saying the title of their opening song, ‘Shut Up.’