Happy Friday Marsers,

Chris Borer here, Free Mars sculptor and semi-official sounding board. Dave is traveling abroad and Nic is diligently working on the next pages of the saga, so I was offered the chance to “guest post” and intro today’s page.

As Dave mentioned last week, we just finished Adepticon (www.adepticon.org), an annual convention for what my wife calls “little fighting men” (AKA miniature wargames). I got to hang with Dave and meet a surprising number of people who follow the comic. As a bonus, our own Taryn Vexx won the “sculpted miniature” category in the Crystal Brush – a contest at the show. http://crystalbrush.coolminiornot.com/artwork/369
The best-of-show winners were stunning as always. I’d highly recommend checking them out too.

As for today’s page, I won’t say it’s my favorite page yet – because how could I pick – but think it gives a great change of mood from DeForrest’s bar a few pages back; it’s still a bar, it’s still Terra, and it’s still our heroines, but yikes… I told Nic when I saw the pencils how well I thought he’d conveyed the “what are WE doing HERE” feel in the last panel. Also that I really liked the Remnant dog in the first frame. I find it somehow reassuring that even the Remnants still have dogs. I just want to pet him and give him a nice bowl of Soylent Green.

Without Dave or Nic around to propose a musical pairing for this week – I’ll take crack at it and suggest Carnies, by Rush. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnEIL9KDDCM
I think the lyrics and undercurrent fit this page well, and the album is one of their best in years.