NRSFW (not really safe for work, depending, quite honestly, on where you work)

Happy Friday, Marsers. I’m gonna keep this short, as we’re coming to you live from Adepticon, a fantastic convention with a lot of great people. I just wanted to give a quick A-con shout out to Mark and Ken who put together a great Free Mars promo vid (you can see it on Facebook). Also, a huge congrats to Marsers Brian and Lisa who just got engaged! And finally, to Nathan whose recipe for whiskey and bacon rice crispie treats are destined to be the first entry in the Free Mars cookbook.

This week’s page is some of Nic’s finest work, I think. We thought long and hard about how we could be sexy/erotic, but also tasteful and fun. Whataya think?

Nic’s song choice this week: Depeche Mode, ‘In Your Room’.

See ya next week,