Interior. DeForrest’s Saloon (and Oyster Bar), Offworlder Zone. Earth.

Whew. That was seriously one long naffing week, Marsers. Yours truly was gifted by Nurgle with two different afflictions this week. But I am feeling much better now. Anyway, you don’t wanna hear about my Chaos problems! You wanna here about this week’s page, which we are very proud to present.

During our Kickstarter, we offered three very cool appearance rewards, i.e. you could appear in the comic itself, with a speaking role. We are very jazzed to introduce the first of these. We can wait and get Lord Dubu’s reaction to his character after next week. I’m curious to see what these exceptionally generous backers (and long-time supporters) think of their respective portrayals.

DeForrest’s Saloon is the quintessential sci-fi watering hole. The cliental is eclectic and shady and kinda looks like a couple 2 AM establishments I’ve been at during GenCon in Indianapolis. Chris knows what I mean. Can you spot some of the references?

I think we use Tame Impala’s ‘Elephant’ this week. I think DeForrest’s plays a lot of Neo Psychedelic stuff. Or maybe I’ve just been listening to a lot of it lately. Bands like Foxygen (that name, right?) and Unknown Mortal Orchestra are delivering some very evocative tunes these days. I can’t say it’s not derivative, but derivativeness (a word?) can be forgiven if it’s good music. Usually.

Until next week,