Ashes2Ashes Page 12

Exterior, air-dock, The Tabernacle.

Happy Friday, Marsers. Today we taxi to the arrival gate at the Tabernacle space-station. I think this is a great shot of the Charybdis, Hannah’s corvette.

I don’t always share Nic’s non-Free Mars work like I should be sharing it, but check out these concept designs he just posted on dA. And if you haven’t checked out Divinity, his non-Martian punk rock webcomic, please do so with all haste. It’s great.

This week’s pairing is kinda wacky. I found this a while back and I’ve been saving it for when we finally made it to the Third Planet. The band, The Wonder Stuff, was well known to me; HUP was one of my favorite albums for a good six-month stretch in college. You remember ‘Don’t Let Me Down (Gently)’, right? Any, THIS is ‘Planet Earth’.