Ashes2Ashes Page 11.

Exterior space, high orbit, Earth.

“We toured the world and elsewhere.”

Happy Friday, Marsers. We are happy to bring you this week’s installment of Free Mars. We had a little delay this week due to the obvious meteor attack by the Arachnids, but we are back online.

The Tabernacle! The space cathedral-city of the High Theocrat of Earth. It hangs above the 3rd World like some demented and gaudy chandelier and is home, not only to the polluted pontiff, but his closest minions. I gave Nic a few concept/inspirational illustrations when we were discussing the design of the Tabernacle. We wanted a nice hybrid between a retro 50’s space station and a gothic-style cathedral. I think NRG! found a nice combination of the two. It is not an inviting place, to be sure.

This week’s song is a little belated nod to yesterday, along with the obvious reference to this week’s page. I like U2’s Achtung Baby version.

Until next week…