Ashes2Ashes PAGE TEN

Exterior, space. Within the mag-ring range, Earth proximity.

Page 10 already! This book seems to be going faster than last time. It just seems like yesterday since we ended our Kickstarter. Which brings me to a couple housekeeping items:

On March 18th, we will be sending out an important update to all our backers. We’ll be getting addresses and t-shirt sizes. Very important info! I’ll remind you all again before we get closer, but keep the date in mind.

I think I’ve talked to everyone that was generous enough to back us to the point that they will be APPEARING in this book. You’ve been written in, but we should talk about your appearance and any suggestions you have. If you backed us at that extraordinary level, make sure you email us at so we can get the details.

Chris Borer has shown me some pictures of the Taryn Vexx sculpt. She looks amazing. I hope to share some photos with everyone next week, so keep an eye out.

We are having a contest – with some original art. On Facebook. Details on Facebook.

Okay, back to the page. The massive circle structures are mag-rings. Every major world has a range of these in near-orbit. They use magnetic/gravitic energy to propel a starship to near-light speeds, and then again to slow the inertia. So, to travel from Mars to Earth, you would use the mag-rings near Phobos to speed up, then the Lunar range to slow down. They work with little issue these days, though you can imagine how a small miscalculation could cause you to miss your destination rings. This would typically be a huge problem….

Nic used the mag-rings to create a little Easter egg. Based on one of the many movies that we both love dearly.

And Mike TV is back! If only a holo-Mike TV. Are we shocked that Vikki and the band are going after Kessler? At least it sounds like they have a better plan than dressing up as Boushh and giving away some droids, ya know? There’s a little sexual tension here too, I think.

We’ve been hearing some new(ish) music the last few weeks. So this week we go back to the classic space traveler folk song. Good space road-trip music. This is a 2006 acoustic version by the mythic Brian May. ‘39’.