Ashes2Ashes Page Nine

Interior, Reclamation Mine 24601, mess hall.

Happy Friday, Marsers. We’re happy to bring you the next installment of ‘Free Mars’ – this week sees our guys taking a little break from mining hundreds of years of landfill. I really like the little hint at Damien Kessler’s past adventures. Might have to go back and see some of that stuff some sol….

Some big news this week. Women can now serve in front-line combat roles in the U.S. military. As far as I was concerned, they’ve been doing that since 1986.

This week’s musical pairing is a tribute to our three “bad boys”. Gin Wigmore is awesome. Though every time I listen to her I want to drink a Heineken. Anyway, the video for ‘Black Sheep’ is also pretty appropriate for our penal workers.

Until next week,