Ashes2Ashes Page 8

Exterior, Crater City. Earth, a dead world.

Happy Friday, Marsers. This week sees us off the Red Planet and all the way back to Earth. Which, as our intrepid privateer Hannah Valerus so succinctly put it, is a complete shizz hole.

Still, it is nice to see some old friends. Damien Kessler and John “Dub” Michaels. Yay, they’re alive! We haven’t seen Dub in quite some time, now that I think about it. Anyway, they look a little worse for wear, which a Waste Reclamation Mine will do to you.

Nic has always been adamant about giving a particular location (planet) its own personality, typically through the use of color. Earth has a very characterful palette; mold and rust. Nic conveys a world fallen into decay beautifully here, I think. The colors of entropy.

And I think I have a new favorite band for 2013. You’ve got to check out The Joy Formidable. They literally released an album this week, Wolf’s Lair. For this week’s song, I’m choosing the track ‘The Maw Maw Song’ – which considering the gaping maw of Crater City, only makes sense. Listen and let me know what you think. Oh, they’re Welsh.