Free Mars: Ashes2Ashes


Exterior, night. The mean streets of the Jovian Quarter.

I think this-sol we should start with the musical pairing, Marsers. Check it out here. Listen, I’ll wait…

…Pretty cool, yeah? DEVO covers NIN. I like the DEVO version better, but I’m probably in the minority (mutant minority). Anyway, the song says it all.

Gibson Eightsix isn’t a ‘bot. He’s a ‘tuber – a clone. He, like all corporate clones, was genetically farmed for very specific missions or roles. They are typically enhanced with cybernetic physio-ware, but they remain fundamentally organic. They are loyal agents, couriers, assassins, whatever the Combine needs. But even their engendered loyalty has its limits, as the threat of tank-violence here illustrates.

And we find out why the band has gone to extraordinary lengths to cyber-punk this particular clone. Data. Prisoner locations. Damien naffing Kessler.

More on him next week. Until then,