Free Mars: Ashes2Ashes

PAGE SIX (Title Page)


Exterior. Streets of the Jovian Quarter.

Happy Friday, Marsers. I, for one, am glad this week is over. After a case of the Iosan hyper-flu, I am slowly returning to normal parameters. Plus the weather here in Chicago-Dome has been unseasonably shizzy. But if you wanted to listen to me bitch you’d have already friendified me on F-book, so I’ll get on with introducing (proudly) this week’s offering of the hit (at least slightly known) comic, Free Mars

Nic delivers the right hook this week to the combination punch that is the opening sequence of Ashes2Ashes. And what an amazing title page. After a frenetic start, it’s nice to know that Nic can stop (Hammertime) the pace dead in its tracks (literally, with a tank full of punk rockers) with a page like this. Welcome to the future! Vikki Grimm looks confident, her new role as rock spy seems to be agreeing with her. While the rest of our tank girls look equal parts posh and battle-ready, proving that looking good and being combat prepared are not mutually exclusive.

I’m gonna save my top albums/songs of 2012 for next week, as I was inspired this week by the bright lights of the Oscar nominations. I wanted to use a soundtrack. And, naff me, did I find one. While at my hab, couch-bound with the afore-mentioned hyper flu, I had some time to catch up on a few films. One of these was ‘Dredd’. Wow, that’s how you make a dystopian naffing sci-fi movie! Karl Urban’s lower jaw was just as good as Hugh Jackman’s whole face! And what can I say about the always entertaining Lena Heady? That she’s an awesome villainess? Yes, that’s right.

But beyond the acting and the blight and industrial remains of the mega-block, the thing that really sucked me into this film was Briton Paul Leonard-Morgan’s incredible soundtrack. A pulsing, driving beat that perfectly portrayed the sound of Mega-City One. So this week’s music pairing is the whole ‘Dredd’ soundtrack. See the movie, download (or cloud it or tweet it- however you joovs get your records these sols) the soundtrack and re-read Riot Girls to it. That’s what I did!