Ashes2Ashes Page Five

Exterior, Outside Ziggy’s Café

Welcome to 2013! 2012 was a great year for the comic, though I expect even more for 2013. It is, actually, just nice to be writing these weekly updates again after the break.

Now, you didn’t expect Gibson here to get very far, did you? The grav bike was a nice attempt, though. I’m glad A2A is starting out with a nice grav bike chase, however short-lived…

Gibson Eightsix’s escape attempt this week screamed for ‘Headlong Flight’ from Rush’s 2012 album, Clockwork Angels. This is one of my favorite albums of 2012 – a Rush steampunk album? What could go wrong? It is a little heavier than some of their recent offerings, which is nice. Also, how about their long-overdue induction into the Rock y Roll Hall of Fame? About naffing time. Chris will agree with me here.

I was thinking about favorite albums from 2012. Anything stand out for you? I have a few- I’ll post them next week.

Finally, I have a rare recommendation. d.Forrest, friend of the comic, has recently loaded up the first page of his new webcomic, The Legendary Sisters of the Laughing Doggebi. It is an intriguing mix of Korean history/fantasy/mythology. It has just started, so now is probably a good time to check it out. I’ve seen a lot of concept art for the comic and it looks great.


Update: Sorry for the delay this week. We take our Friday update very seriously, but we had some technical issues yesterday.