Ashes2Ashes Page Three

Ziggy’s Nightclub, Jovian Sector, Amazonis Prime.

Happy Holidays, Marsers. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Fiscal Cliff Solstice, Saturnalia, Chanukah, Mayan End-day, or Renewal/Carousel, we here at the Free Mars clubhouse would like to wish you a great one. Travel safely and appreciate your loved ones extra this year.

I, personally, appreciate a good poker game, or poker match as our friends in Amazonis Prime say. Mr. Eightsix is sweating it out here. Vikki seems like a pretty competent card player. Or maybe it was something she said. In any case, the Headsman doesn’t bode well for drawing an inside straight, I suspect.

Nic gets mad at me when I give him 6-panel pages. But then he calms down when he realizes that their mostly close-ups and tight shots. And then he nails ‘em. The fifth panel here is beautiful. This is one of the best close-ups of Vikki yet.

When we were discussing Mr. Eightsix, we had an actor in mind. We usually do, these days. It isn’t necessarily a direct representation of that actor, but more of a starting point to get us on the same page. Any guesses?

I like Imagine Dragons’ Radioactive for the card game (the video is fantastic too). It’s kinda mellow, but has a building tension, much like the scene playing out. I actually think the whole ID album would be nice background for a poker game.

Anyway, just in case the Mayan thing does pan out I have my towel with me. And I just want to say so long. And thanks for all the fish,

Davey P.