This sol, Marsers, is the launch of our Kickstarter project! We are very, very excited. Books, t-shirts, prints, original art, miniature versions of the band- it’s all here!

But we do need your help. This is, literally, a crossroads for Free Mars. Nic and I can keep this going for years, but without your help, we can no longer afford to give this to you for free. Kickstarter, like General Kenobi, is our only hope. Not to be melodramatic, but a successful KS means that the website will keep getting weekly updates (maybe more than once a week if we do well), that at least one new graphic novel will be published from that material, and that we can finally see realized all the extra stuff we’ve wanted to do- like the Sisters Grimm concert t-shirt. Unfortunately, the b-side to that is without a successful funding we just don’t have the means to continue the weekly tale of punk rock and revolution that you’ve (hopefully) come to naffing love.

This week’s pairing (goes great with Nic’s amazing piece).

So, I humbly ask again for your help here. It’s not like you’re doing it for free- check out those incentives again. And thanks in advance for your support. Being able to keep Free Mars going for you means a great deal to Nic and I.