BIG HOUSE DUB Crater City, Penal Mining Sub-Level 52. Earth.

This week we are excited to bring you another sneak preview of our upcoming follow-up to ‘Riot Girls’. This week proves unequivocally that we haven’t forgotten about our music producing smuggler/black-marketeer, John “Dub” Michaels. Last we saw Dub, he was being arrested by CSC Security agents for running bootleg sexbots. Now we find that he’s also found his way to the Combine’s contracted prison on Earth, joining a couple other politically sensitive prisoners…

This is but a preview, so I won’t get into the details just yet about the Crater City facility or its orbital counter-part, the Tabernacle. Suffice it to say for now that Earth is a really strange place. It’s no wonder the CSC contracts with the Remnants to send their worst prisoners there. Apparently, the Remnants welcome a perpetual supply of fresh miners to burrow deeper into the miles of landfill. Could have something to do with the average life-span of a non-mutant Martian miner, I bet.