MARSBEAT Meet Your New Sister

Happy Saturday, Marsers. While we finalize our plans for Book 2 (Ashes 2 Ashes), we thought we’d take this opportunity to give you a little more background on our enigmatic fourth Sister. Veruca’s addition was both strategic and tactical. She’s a talented pianist, to be sure, but she also knows her way around a pulser and a fusion bomb. Here’s an excerpt from the latest MarsBeat ‘cast-

The recent addition of the mononymous Veruca into the tight-knit Sisters Grimm came as a massive surprise to the fans of the controversial trio. Did the Olympus City band need a ‘boarder? Would their raw sound suddenly sound more produced? And who was this violet-haired mystery woman anyway? MarsBeat immediately got on the trail, but couldn’t uncover much. We know that she played in the Tharsis University symphony and had a short-lived stint with the band Escape Goats. We discovered that she originally hails from Curiosity, a small frontier town near Gale Crater Mining Fac. She moved to Amazonis Prime about five years ago, but the trail goes cold after that. Fan’s concerns and MarsBeat research were proven unfounded and unnecessary, however, once Veruca hit the stage for the first time. Her cool demeanor and technical proficiency give the Sisters Grimm not so much a new sound, but a more disciplined one.


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