Aboard the penal ship, Tartarus. En route: Earth.

Happy Friday, Marsers. This week we wanted to give you a little “stinger”, as they say. The movie is over and the credits have rolled. But instead of the lights coming up, the screen brightens for one last image.

Here we find our Martian revolutionary leader, Damien Kessler, in a pretty unpleasant situation. We hate to leave you like this, but sometimes a little cliff-hanging is necessary.

So when will Free Mars be back? When does Book 2 start? We hope to have the answers to these and other questions to you soon. We’ll be on a (hopefully) short hiatus for a couple weeks, but we may sneak in some updates here and there until Book 2 starts. I would recommend checking out our Facebook page and/or Twitter account for updated info.

Any suggestions for a musical pairing this week?

So, for now, au revoir. But keep an eye out for more Free Mars soon,

Nic and Dave