EPILOGUE THREE. Vikki’s apartment. Cydonian Towers, Amazonis Prime.

One more unto the breach, dear friends! Happy Friday. Welcome to the latest installment of our space opera. One more page left after this- Epilogue Four. After that? Well, first things first.

The rumor around Am Prime is that the V has taken over for the MIA Kessler. Is it true? Vikki sort of half-arsedly denies her new role. But what would that mean? That Vikki and the band are now some sort of intergalactic spy-band? That seems like a logistical nightmare, but an interesting cover. I wonder…

The second half of this week’s page finds the Sisters Grimm on the rooftop of the 50-story Cydonian Towers, where it looks like they’re recording a live performance. Hopefully 50 stories is high enough that no Peelers notice the group.

This week’s musical pairing comes from a long-time friend of the comic (and part-owner, actually), Sam Hollander of CA, Earth. Joy Division’s Warsaw is a perfect punk song for the Sisters to cover. It’s frenetic and forceful. Though I read that it was also a jingle on UK tele for England’s Euro 2012 run. That just makes me kinda sad. Wait, what if Ashley Cole played Xander Thule on the Starz! show (you see how I switched from HBO to Starz!- I’m trying to be realistic and I do love some Spartacus).

Finally, as we near the end of Riot Girls, our first chapter, we’re thinking we may have some space in between books. So, Nic and I have been discussing possible Free Mars short stories with which we could fill the gaps. We’re wondering what you ladies and gentlemen might want to see. The graphic novel has a five-page prequel on the band meeting. Would you be up for some additional prequel tales? Maybe featuring Shade or Kessler? Let us know what you think as we’re currently open to suggestions and we’d love to hear from you guys, as always.


UPDATE: Just got back from seeing Brendan Benson at the amazing Lincoln Hall venue. You may know him from The Raconteurs, but he has had a prolific solo career. This is why you need to see live music. This is why I write a comic about a band- because live music is really important. Here’s a great example of this Michiganer’s stuff.