EPILOGUE TWO.  Vikki’s suite. Cydonian Towers, Amazonis Prime.

I remember this much
There is nothing
You shouldn’t speak of
If you got something to say
And there is no one
To be scared of
Just get them out of the way

Happy Friday, Marsers. This was a pretty good week for the comic. Zach Smith at Newsarama pens a very cool series on webcomics, with interviews by some very talented creators. Nic and I were lucky enough to be included last Friday. The interview is here if you’re interested. I’m a huge Newsarama fan from the way-way back (I gots the remember’in of a lot of things, Cap’n Walker) so this was like a big naffing deal for me. We were right there on the front page for most of the week- right next to Silk Spectre (we’re such star-fuqers). Anyway, we talk a little about where the comic might go in future books, some of the major inspirations we draw from, and a little about our deal with the mighty Ape Entertainment.

E2. This page is a little dialogue heavy, which is always fine by me. It’s been my experience that every good science fiction tale leaves a little something unanswered. Some even leave A LOT unanswered. The point is not minding that things are unanswered, Mr. Potter. But I digress. We find out this week that our beloved (and I do mean beloved) Martian Liberation Front leader, Damien Kessler is still missing. One would assume little Shade Endgame stole away with the revolutionary. We also find out that Taryn’s dad is yet to be found. And if the rumors are true, they’re someplace pretty shizzy. But that, fingers-crossed, is a tale for another day. How can you help make sure their story gets told, you ask? By clicking this link or getting your arse to the local comic shop in a couple weeks.

Week two of our Sisters Grimm cover song suggestions. To recap, I’d like to do these last few weeks of music pairings with suggestions from you ladies and gentlemen. The question is: what song would make a good SG cover? I really loved the suggestion by Bryan Bullock on our Facebook page. Bryan busted out the Welsh mod band, The Alarm. I always thought ‘Blaze of Glory’ (his choice) and ’68 Guns’ were great guerilla anthems. So, thanks Bryan. Let’s hear some more suggestions.

Next week,