EPILOGUE 1 Victoria Grimm’s penthouse, Cydonian Towers. Amazonis Prime.

Welcome back and happy naffing Friday, Marsers. It has been a very busy week and I’m still sort of recovering from the bitter-sweet effects of reaching the Anthem page last week. But going back through this Epilogue reminded me how much I love these last few pages. I really hope you do too.

It’s raining again in the Amazonis Prime Hab-pyramid. Nic and I call this the Scott Effect. No matter where you are in the future, the weather is bound to be bad. Even in a Hab-pyramid. So another interview with our four band mates. Yes, that’s right Marsers, four. Please welcome the newest member of the Sisters Grimm, Veruca. Just one name- like Madonna, but without the affected British accent. Or Prince, but much, much taller. I know this may cause some controversy, but I can assure you that this will not be a regular phenomenon, should Free Mars continue. Four is it. Anyway, Veruca certainly earned her membership, saving the band at Ziggy’s and (presumably) killing (or maiming) our arch-plutocrat-villain, Xander Thule, with a rogue Sexbot. I, for one, welcome our new purple-haired keyboard player. I think you’ll dig her holo-keytar….

There’s also a nice shout-out to Tharsis University this week. Go Tripods!

I’m gonna do something a little different these last four weeks with the music. I’m gonna let you guys decide what, in your opinion, would be the top cover songs the band would play. Post it or email it to me or, even better, post the video version on our Facebook page. There’s three weeks left. So I’ll pick a “winner” and post it here. The “best” (certainly very subjective) one will get posted on the last page of this story (Nic and I can decide), will get a copy of the book (signed and possibly rendered less valuable by me). I’ll start it off this week. I think a really heavy, faster version of ‘Common People’ by Pulp. I love this song. It also speaks, I think, to Vikki’s political sense. Taryn would be offended and think that Vikki and Sam were having a laugh at her. Anyway, that’s my choice.

Get your copy pre-ordered? David Hedgecock, at Ape Entertainment, just got the first advance copy and said it looked great. It should be in your comic shop the week of July 4th- Independence naffing Day! If you haven’t yet pre-ordered it, you can get it here.

Remember, Free Mars continuing may well depend on how this first book does. It would be a shame if only Nic and I know what happens in the other three.

Next week,

Oh, and if you’re even remotely interested, I’ve started my own blog to post stuff about my comic writing projects and my miniatures (read: toy soldier) painting. It’ll be a good place to see more of Nic’s art, too.