PAGE NINETY TWO.  Hippolyta StadiumAmazonis Prime.

For Ray Bradbury, August 22, 1920 – June 5, 2012

Happy Friday, once again, Marsers. Page 92 this week. Back at the main stage at the Independence Concert with the featured act, the Sisters Grimm.

We feature the lyrics to the song, Anthem this week. Some of you may remember we posted these lyrics a while back, on our ‘Free Mars’ B-Sides and Demos page. But we realized that the song wasn’t going to appear in the comic proper, so we knew we had to incorporate it into this splash. The song, written by Vikki Grimm, has now become the full-fledged hymn of the new Free Mars Confederacy. The comic has followed the evolution of this song, as much as any character. So to many readers it will be bit of a re-visitation, but I’m also sure many of you are seeing Vikki’s hit for the first time. Either way, it’s part of the book now.

So, no additional song pairing this week- Anthem is our tune.

I always love a good splash of the band and this week is no different. Compare this with Page Four and you can tell we’ve all come a long way. This page is really ‘The End’, so to speak. The next four pages form the Epilogue sequence and answer some important questions, but this is really the end of our first tale. Is it the end of ‘Free Mars’? Time will tell.

This page is for Ray Bradbury. Shizz, the whole comic is for Ray Bradbury.  Thanks, Ray. See you on Mars.