PAGE NINETY.        High above Mars…

Happy Friday, once again Marsers. 

The Jovian Guilds to the rescue this week.  The Guild-Prince leads the attack himself, aboard his flagship, giving some orbital support to the Free Mars forces below.  Seems like the work of a loyal ally, though I have to wonder what’s in it for the Jupiter crew down the road….

Now, it’s not like it’s a particularly well-disguised tribute and we’ve discussed this before when we met the Guild-Prince, but when Nic asked me about the design for the Jovian Guild fleet ships (his more organic flow for these ships sets them apart from the more utilitarian Martian designs), I said that he had free run except where their color was concerned.  They had to be yellow. 

By sheer coincidence, the re-mastered version of the Beatles’ film, Yellow Submarine arrives in a few days.  I think the gods of Pepperland are smiling down on us.  So, to honor them for their very positive omen, we’ll use, with tongue planted firmly in cheek, the title song from said film for this week’s pairing.  Did I mention the Guild-Prince’s flagship is the Eleanor Rigby?  I won’t.

If you haven’t seen Carla Wyzgala’s version of our band, check it out here.  I’m also working on our Guest Gallery to get everyone’s credit up.

Book is at the printer.  Have you pre-ordered your copy?

To everyone in the U.S., have a safe Memorial Day weekend.  Memorial Day was first known as Decoration Day and started just after the Civil War, with flowers and flags laid at the graves of the Union dead.  It soon expanded to include not just Union soldiers lost, but also Confederate.  Eventually it became a day of remembrance for all fallen U.S. soldiers from all conflicts.  So enough history lessons from me!  I’ll just say that I hope you spend some time thinking about how we’ve asked so many of our soldiers to make the greatest sacrifice and how we can avoid asking more to do the same.