PAGE EIGHTY NINE.                     Low orbit over Amazonis Prime.

Ground control to Major Tom.

Happy Friday, Marsers, or as we call it here in Chicago:  NATO Day One.  So far things have been quiet but I expect NATO will do their best to jam us up like a column of T-72s advancing into West Germany.

This week finds us in low orbit over the Red Planet (again).  You remember what happened last time we got a look at the CSC battlites?  Big badda boom, as they say.  But it looks like someone has different plans this time.  Anyone hazard a guess?  In any case, we say hello goodbye to these orbital weapons platforms.

I sort of went on a bit last week, so I’ll keep things brief.  It is both gratifying and slightly frightening to realize that we only have seven pages left.  And that Free Mars: Riot Girls is heading to the printers as we speak.  For everyone that’s already pre-ordered the book, we thank you immensely- you’re literally increasing the chances that there is a second (and third, fourth) Free Mars book.

This week’s musical pairing is from one of Nic and my favorite bands.  We both thought ‘Starlight‘ by MUSE made a lot of sense.  Such a driving, powerful tune.  Perfect for a space battle.

Until next week,