PAGE EIGHTY SEVEN.                          Hippolyta Stadium. Amazonis Prime.

Sol Veneris is once again upon us and our little webcomic races towards its conclusion (of this chapter). It’s been just about two system standard years since we started this “space rock opera” and it’s been a very cool journey for us. We’ve been formatting (Chris and Nic, really) some of the older pages for the printer and looking at how far we’ve come since those early pages is incredible to me. And I’m sure a lot of writers feel this way, but while 96 pages sounds like a lot, it doesn’t even begin to scratch to surface of what you think you can do in said 96 pages. I can promise you this (SPOILER ALERT), should we be lucky enough to continue ‘Free Mars’, Dub will be back.

This week’s page launches (literally) a very cool sequence. If you like sci-fi action and battle scenes, then you’ll like the next few weeks. If you don’t, then there’s probably some gag-a-day webcomic that needs a-readin’ out there in the Interwebspace. The first thing I thought when I saw this week’s page was, “That is a naffing giant tank.” The second was, “Vikki looks like a real naffing rock star.” But, ultimately, I like the command center panel- I think TV and Veruca look very cool at their control stations.

So this final Track is titled ‘Live Forever.’ Obviously, the Oasis song. But my friend Brian (Ohio in the house!) also pointed out that it could be a reference to Queen’s ‘Who Wants To Live Forever.’ And you know what? Brian was right. And this is a perfect page for that epic song. Personally, I’ve always loved this song. There’s the Highlander connection, to be sure, but I always dug the fact that it starts out with Brian May singing. Anyway, I feel like this is a great theme song for the Free Mars forces at this point in the story. There’s nothing to lose now, so better to win or go out fighting.

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