PAGE EIGHTY FOUR. Olympus City, Corporate Zone. Executive Recreation Level 8.

Salutations fellow revolutionaries! Nic here, taking over this week’s post.

Dave is away on one of the most important wargaming conventions in the US (if not the most important), the mighty ADEPTICON. Thus, occupied with many lectures and other miniature-related business, he couldn’t make one of his fine comments for the page you’re now contemplating. You get me instead…

Xander Thule is one of those characters I’ve loved and despised at the same time. Being a true villain, he is a ruthless, cold, calculating bastard, willing to go to any lengths to crush his enemies and preserve his status-quo.
However, in 2339, revenge catches up with you when you least expect it. And it could be disguised as a very pleasurable sexbot. One that a certain dangerous smuggler by the name of Dub imported; with the help of a mercenary called Hannah; at the bidding of a shady revolutionary called Veruca. Whom we see here disguised, finally delivering the object that will make Thule pay for the thousands of lives he wiped out on the Hesperus bombing.

As usual, Dave impresses us all with his eliptical narrative, that makes even the most tiny of details relevant in the long run. You can’t miss a single bit with this guy, my friends!

As far as musical pairings go, I’d have to choose Marilyn Manson’s New Model No.15 . And since Dave isn’t here to argue, that will be this week’s suggestion.

I hope you enjoyed this page and get ready for the grand finale of Book I!