PAGE EIGHTY FOUR.       Olympus City, Corporate Zone.  Executive Recreation Level 8.

Happy Friday the 13th, Marsers.  We’re back in Olympus City this week, with a view of something few Marsers ever get to see:  the champagne room at the Combine Executive Recreation sub-complex.  The ExRec is an almost mythological place, an Elysium of decadence.  Only the most privileged of the Combined Systems Corporation’s elite ever get to explore the labyrinthine pleasure-chambers and sense-vaults.  Of course, Xander Thule is one of those elite.

Nic , as always, gives the environment such character that it becomes one of the “actors.”  The rich colors and detailed stonework give the pleasure-chamber a decadent atmosphere, especially compared to the generally drab/industrial tones of life on Mars.

The hot tub also looks really nice.

The delivery girl looks familiar….

I sorta lied last week- this week’s pairing isn’t from Bikini Kill- however, BK’s front woman Kathleen Hanna did form another band, le Tigre.  They are awesome.  I would recommend checking out some additional YouTubes.  But for this week’s page, let’s go with ‘TKO.’

Starting to get some promotional material ready for the big release this summer.  We won’t, unfortunately, be at C2E2 this year (back next year I hope), but I’ll be at Adepticon in Lombard, IL next weekend with some posters and the few remaining print compilations I have left (should be collector’s items come July). 

If anyone in the Chicago area knows their local comic book store owner/proprietor and thinks they might want to put up a ‘Free Mars’ poster or display some postcards, let me know and I’ll stop by.  Email me at via the Internets.

Until then,