PAGE EIGHTY THREE. Exterior. Balcony, Damien Kessler’s apartment. Cydonian Towers.

Previously, on the next ‘Free Mars’…

As the Poet said, “Friday, Friday. Gotta get down on Friday.” This week we proudly present a SPLASH! page for your infotainment pleasure. Damien Kessler has become a veritable hood ornament for Shade Endgame and her crew of cyclopean ‘bots. I don’t mind saying that those three ‘bots are creepy.

I do think this turned out to be a pretty poignant scene for Vikki, considering we don’t even see her face. And, as always, the Giacondino Effect is in full-force: the details of Amazonis Prime’s industrial cityscape draw you in. The settings become characters in their own right.

Today was a little bitter sweet. I had been putting off composing the last four pages of the script- the epilogue- for a while. But as we near our deadline, I could stall no longer. So this sol I typed the words “The End.” Page 96 is in the proverbial can. Now, hopefully, this isn’t naffing literally true. By that I mean that if we can continue the tale of our Martian punkers and their Free Mars compatriots, we will. As long as possible. You can ensure that happens by pre-ordering the book when it’s available. Don’t worry, I’ll remind you.

Because the official subtitle of Book 1 is ‘Riot Girls’, it wasn’t surprising that an actual Riot Grrrl band immediately came to mind this week when I saw Shade’s aircar. Bratmobile. ‘Do You Like Me Like That?’ We haven’t done a lot of actual Riot Grrrl bands here in the pairings. I guess we had some Hole. Maybe we’ll focus on some low-fi ladies for a couple weeks. Bikini Kill up next.

Until next week,