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Greetings, fellow insurgents!

Today is a strange day indeed, what with yours truly writing the blog post instead of Davey P. But we felt it was necessary due to the nature of this in-between, exclusive post this week.

What you’re seeing here is a Martian guitar ad (more specifically from Hudson Guitar Technologies), promoting their new Hudson MK 7 Sonic Lance, which is the weapon of choice for our heroine, Vikki Grimm. Many of you wondered about the workings of this most interesting bit of Marser technology, so we felt it would be appropriate to shed some light on the matter (and with some cool artwork to boot!). The model Hudson used in this advert is the famous stripper Athena Nocturna, whom you briefly see at Ziggy’s! (P 41-dave)

As I said in the comments section, a couple of pages ago, when I first designed the holo-guitar, I thought of it as an extremely versatile instrument. My idea was that, without having strings, it would be able to interpret and synthesize the musician’s finger positions, creating unique tones and notes mixing the classic notes and the user’s inventions. Thus, the guitar would only be limited by imagination, achieving total creative control and originality (provided you were original and creative, of course!). The holo-neck of the guitar is a projected force-field, being solid enough to play and manipulate, but also sensitive to allow for the musician’s full exploration of music. If you turn it off (for carrying), you just have to transport the body of the guitar, which is what Vikki carries around in some of the very first pages of the comic.

As a side note (and I’ll leave you alone already!), the holo-technology of the guitar, relying on a high output battery as a power source, can be jammed and tweaked (given some minutes) for use as an explosive device. Used by such bands as Orbital Burn to achieve a more mischievous and violent effect when on stage, the holo-instruments are overheated by the player until they eventually explode in a short (but very powerful) fusion blast.

PS.. This piece has a lot of hidden easter eggs for all sci-fi fans; the most evident being Athena herself. I totally recall seeing those kind of curves on another Martian lady… 