PAGE EIGHTY ONE.  Interior.  Damien Kessler’s suite, the Cydonian TowersAmazonis Prime.

Something right with the world today
And everybody knows it’s wrong
But we can tell ‘em no or we could let it go
But I would rather be a hanging on

Happy Sol Veneris again, Marsers.  We are proud to once again deliver you straight to the 50th floor of the Cydonian Towers.  Things look even bleaker for our guitar-heroine this week.  Vikki Grimm can only watch, in abject pissed-off-ness, as Shade Endgame steps off with her man.

The red strobe lighting effect continues on this page, giving a nice emphasis to Vikki’s plea in the last panel.  I think Nic’s red panels are some of his most dramatic.  Makes me think that would could potentially do some more ‘Free Mars’ tales in black and white, too.  More like the Hannah Valerus piece.  Something to think about.

Nic and I discussed all the potentially appropriate songs.  I considered ‘Jump’ by VH.  But we both agreed on Aerosmith ‘Livin’ on the Edge.’  However, if you’re looking for something slightly more indie, you have to check out The Decemberists’ ‘One Engine’ from The Hunger Games soundtrack.  In fact, the whole soundtrack is very good.  Yes, even Taylor Swift.

I know I’ll probably keep saying this every week, but 15 pages left.  Naffing crazy!

I’ll have a new round of webcomic suggestions next week- I’m in the process of reading a couple that have come my way.

Oh, and check out Nic’s latest version of Vikki here.  This is for some promotional material we’re getting ready pre-release.