PAGE SEVENTY EIGHT. Interior. Kessler’s Cydonian Towers suite.

Sol Veneris once again, Marsers. Hope you had a good Leap Day. February does actually seem a lot longer with that extra day. Anyway, we are once again proud to bring you another page from our space-rock-opera.

Maybe I’m nuts, but for some reason this page reminds me of the Dr. Seuss classic, ‘The Grinch What Stole Christmas.’ Here, Vikki Grimm is like little Cindy Loo Who. She wakes, not to find a disturbing lack of Christmas paraphernalia, but her new love bound and bleeding on the floor. And the role of the Grinch is deftly handled by our diminutive killer and glamgoth starlet, Shade Endgame. I think the parallels end there, as I don’t see Shade’s heart growing any sizes at all.

How hurt/dead/unconscious is Kessler? Only time will tell. But if I had a dime for every electronic message about NOT killing him off, I’d have like 30 dimes. On a serious note, as a writer, this is very humbling. The fact that so many readers took the time to give me their opinion (some very strongly worded) is humbling and very, very cool. So thanks.

Nic and I both have musical suggestions this week. Nic’s is the classic Talking Heads track, Psycho Killer. I think that makes sense.

My pairing comes from ‘Reign of Terror’, the new album from Sleigh Bells. It is a great sophomore effort. The whole album is great, from start to finish. So give the whole thing a listen if you get a chance. Here’s a sample, Comeback Kid.  I think there would definitely be a Sleigh Bells song on the FM soundtrack.