PAGE SEVENTY SEVEN. Interior.  Cydonian Towers, 50th floor.

Happy Friday, Marsers.  P77 is a little gruesome, which is to be expected.  You can’t have Shade Endgame go to long without some bloodletting.  And is it me or is Damien Kessler ripped?  The Cydonian Towers must have a gym.

Nic and I agree that, for some reason, this page looks particularly animated.  I think it’s the posing, which isn’t particularly dynamic, per se, but very natural.  I think it provides a little glimpse at what a ‘Free Mars’ cartoon might look like.  Personally, I think a ‘Free Mars’ animated film/series would be a modern ‘Heavy Metal.’  But I’m possibly a little biased.  I would definitely cast Harold Ramis and Eugene Levy for some voice-work.  Any HM fans out there besides Nic and I?

I actually had this week’s song in mind when I wrote this page.  I admit it’s a little cheesy.  But I’ve had it stuck in my head since I watched an episode of Metal Evolution on L.A.’s glam band scene.  If you haven’t seen Metal Evolution (on VH1 Classic), it’s a great serialized documentary.  My wife knew way more about the history of Metal than I did, admittedly.  Anyway, for some reason, I think ‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn‘ by Poison works nicely this week.  I was not a huge Poison fan back in the day, but this is a great song.

You might notice that we’ve added a link over there on the right to ‘Full Borer Miniatures.’  This is the website for friend of the comic, Chris Borer.  Chris has sculpted a 28mm version of smuggler Hannah Valerus and it is amazing (there’s a version painted by the beautiful and talented Jennifer Haley in our Fan Art section).  Chris is currently working on some additional ‘Free Mars’ characters.  I won’t say who specifically yet, but the plan is to do a whole range of little Marsers.  So stay tuned.

Until 78,