PAGE SEVENTY SIX. INT.  Kessler’s penthouse, Cydonian TowersAmazonis Prime.  02:28.

Back to Amazonis this week.  A week has passed since the fusion bombing of the Hesperus kelp farm-complex.  And it’s the eve of the Independence Concert  ‘cast (IndieCon to all the hip Marsters).  Damien Kessler is up late, working no doubt on troop deployments.  Nextsol’s concert also marks the signal for the final MLF/’Free Mars’ offensive; a last gambit.  With the kelp farms gone, the siege lines and aero-space blockade reinforced, and rebel morale starting to crack, time is running out for the Revolution.  So here we are, in the proverbial eye of the dust storm…

Nic conveys the quiet tension of the script really well this week, if I do say so myself.  The lighting is perfectly rendered.  And the expression on Shade Endgame’s face is priceless!  How could you not trust that face?

A little about Shade’s character design.  I described her as almost “doll like” to Nic.  She has that creepy porcelain finish to her skin.  But her expressiveness is almost melodramatic; childish and innocent.  She’s part Shirley Temple, part Jack the Ripper.

This week’s musical pairing reflects the quiet start, but rising crescendo of this week’s page.  I admit that it’s also a little timely.  It is also back to being slightly more contemporary.  Deadmau5 performed this at the Grammy’s (which were surprisingly watchable this year).  I thought the lyrics and tone fit nicely.  Raise Your Weapon.  If you don’t know anything about Deadmau5, you should google him.  I think his big mouse head is pretty cool, but it kinda reminds me a little of Cha Cha and Hazel from ‘Umbrella Academy.’

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