PAGE SEVENTY FIVE. Exterior, Hesperus Kelp Farm-Complex 1 crater H114

Maybe I will never be
All the things that I want to be
Now is not the time to cry
Now’s the time to find out why
I think you’re the same as me
We see things they’ll never see
You and I are gonna live forever

This week sees the title page for Track 5: Live Forever.  We’ve taken to calling this page Big Bada Boom, but that seems almost irreverent now that I see it in all its destructive anti-glory.  I will tell you that it is a bitter sweet milestone.  On one hand, we are happy to hit 75 this week, but it also marks the beginning of the final chapter (of Book 1, at least).  We’re certainly optimistic that this is more the “end of the beginning” rather than the “beginning of the end” for ‘Free Mars.’  But still, reaching the last Track has made me sentimental.  And nothing says sentimental like a massive fusion explosion.

A little perspective this week from the Europan politicast, System Pundit:

+++The Hesperus Kelp Farms will no longer be providing sustenance to Amazonis and the other rebel Hab-Pyramids.  The Combine assumes this attack will dramatically speed-up their eventual victory over the insurgent Marsers.  But it’s been almost a century since atomic weapons were banned on Mars, so there’s an element of desperation here as well.  Are there more uprisings starting in loyal Habs?  There’s very little information getting out.  Have the CSC Security forces underestimated the resolve and capability (and off-world support) of the rebels?  In any case, the deployment of a fusion weapon by the corporate government against its own people marks an inarguable sea change in the revolutionary conflict…+++

And, of course, this week’s Title track is ‘Live Forever’ by those Mancunian siblings, Oasis.  I gave a lot of thought to the final Track title, but it all kept coming back to this rock anthem.  From my own lifetime, Oasis is my favorite band.  I won’t bore you with all the “whys” here.  Suffice to say that I think they’re one of the last of a dying breed of rock ‘n roll stars.  I remember first seeing them at the Vic Theater, here in Chicago.  It was 1995.  I actually found the Tribune’s review of that show- in case you’re interested.

If you get a chance, and love the film A L I E N S like I do, I totally recommend visiting Nic’s deviantArt page for his latest offering.

Finally, Nic and I might have some news soon about a potential new/original project.  When we have details, we will let you know.  A lot is up in the air, so no promises.  But I can give you this small hint: steampunk.

Until 76,

Davey P.