PAGE SEVENTY FOUR.  The Boardroom, Building One, Olympus City.

Hard to believe it’s naffing February already.  January blew through here faster than a  smuggler’s corvette packed full of knock-off sexbots.

I have to hand it, once again, to our Argentine artist.  Nic comes up with another quintessential ‘Free Mars’ page.  Provocative character design, epic and sprawling industrial-scapes, and a nice solid piece of kill tech- the CSC battlelite (Type IV Thatcher Class).  The Type IV carries a payload of four fusion “bombs” (more like smart-missiles).  Fusion weapons were, ironically, outlawed on Mars by the CSC Charter.

Vice President Tangaroa, a New Maori, is an example of the diverse nature of the contemporary Martian population.  Clearly there’s no love loss between Tangaroa and Thule.  I guess the CSC leadership isn’t as lock-step as one would’ve imagined.

The sinister absence would make a certain bass player pretty upset, I wager.

We have two musical pairings this week.  Nic’s is A Perfect Circle and ‘Counting Bodies Like Sheep’ (is this foreshadowing?).  It’s a pleasantly disconcerting song.  Well played, NRG.

My choice is more literal.  But I had to do it, what with the new album out next week.  I would describe my personal musical taste, generally, as pretty 90’s Britpop-centric, but for shear rock ‘n roll, there’s no one that stands the test of time quite like Van Halen.  Tattoo.  ‘Free Mars’ Trivia:  Hannah Valerus’ ship’s System Ident Code is OU812.