PAGE  SEVENTY THREE. Building One, Combine Corporate Headquarters, Olympus City.

Good morning, Marsers.  We’re still celebrating over here; the deal with Ape Entertainment is really exciting.  It means that our little space rock opera gets the exposure we always hoped for.  Ape puts out some very high quality books and are also known for their swass digital offerings.  So, again, we are really happy to be onboard with such a great publisher.

But, back to our story.  We return this week to Olympus City.  We find Xander Thule in the middle of a presentation to the (nearly) complete Board of Directors.  His plan certainly doesn’t bode well for the residents of the Hesperus Kelp Farms, the vast hydroponics complex that has gone over to the Free Mars side.  It also doesn’t seem to sit well with Executive-Countess Ako.

I’m gonna keep it short this week.  Later today I’ll update with the winner of the reader art competition.  That talented person will be getting an exclusive t-shirt (in the works) AND a copy of the OGN (this July).  So I hope they’re patient.  Though everyone that participated is going to get a limited edition poster.  If you haven’t checked out the entries, I recommend you take a look.  Also, just because the competition is over, it doesn’t mean that it’s too late to submit “fan art.”  If you send us something, we will post it.

I’ll leave you for now with a Bowie classic.  If you haven’t noticed, the Thin White Duke is a major inspiration for the comic- for both Nic and I.  This song goes along with Thule’s suggested course of action.  ’Ashes to Ashes.’