PAGE SEVENTY TWO.  Andromache Skyport, Amazonis Prime.

So endeth Track 4.  It is strange to think that there’s just one more chapter left in this first “book.”  Track 4 has set the stage for an action-packed climax with, hopefully, a few twists you haven’t seen coming.  So, after a brief intermission (with another Interlude piece), we will get straight on into Track 5.

Nice to see Shade back on Mars.  Kitty Porn is pretty popular on the Red Planet; Vikki, Taryn, and Samantha are all big KP fans from way back*.  So there’s no reason not to include Endgame and her back-up ‘bots in the IndieCon line-up.  Vexx does often make the point, though, that she thinks Shade was crazy for replacing her human band with androids.  I wonder what she’d say about her brutal serial killings?

FreeMarsFact:  Shade is actually pretty young: only 9 years old (at 1.88 Earth years, she’d be about 17 on Terra).  She’s also very prolific for her age, with some 10 Kitty Porn albums and two solo offerings.  She has a similarly impressive, yet slightly more horrifying, body count, with nearly a dozen victims scattered throughout the System.

To that end, we celebrate our psychopath’s return to her homeworld with ‘Teenagers’ by MCR.  It makes seven kinds of sense for her, I think.  Though ‘Killer Queen’ was likewise considered.

A few other things.  We’ve gotten some really great pieces of reader art.  And I can’t wait to load them up, but we’re going to give you artists out there one more week- until the Interlude piece next Friday- to submit any ‘Free Mars’ inspired art.  I think doing it over the holidays was probably a bad idea.  I know I didn’t get much done.  So, if you’re at all interested in a limited edition ‘FM’/Sisters Grimm/Kitty Porn concert shirt, send us some art.

You might’ve also noticed the new logo on the bottom of this week’s page.  Nic has done an amazing job of creating this icon.  It ties in a few important elements (like the amp and the Free Mars fist) and pops with a very cool color scheme.  I’m going to load a bigger version in the ‘B-Sides’ section and get it in our FaceBook gallery.  Let us know what you think.

Until next week,


*forthcoming Prequel