PAGE SEVENTY.  Exterior, desert.  South-west of Amazonis Prime.

It’s that time again, Marsers.  Happy Friday and a slightly preemptive Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, enjoyable Solstice, and (my favorite) a great Saturnalia.  Saturnalia is, by the way, one of the go-to Martian holidays (experienced a bit of a resurgence), right after the big one: Colonization Sol.  Then there are a whole plethora of sols marking Noctis holidays and rites- the Noctis cult being a native Martian religion.  It is shrouded, even now, in mystery and its followers (known as “Nights” or “Nighters”) are headquartered somewhere deep within the Noctis Labyrinthus.  More on them at some point.  But, for now…

The tour of the front ends with a stop at the Andromache Skyport.  Like the spaceport at Olympus, Nic has given the place a real personality.  And, for those keeping score, it is THAT Hannah and her ship, the Charybdis.

This transitional scene didn’t scream any particular musical pairing, so I’m including two of my favorite bands working some holiday cheer.  Oasis is first, with a cover of a Slade song.  The second is kinda Green Day…kinda.  Trust me, it’s funny (kinda).

Remember- get your art in.  I can guarantee some cool prizes.  Any ‘Free Mars’ related subject is fair game.

Until next Friday,