PAGE SIXTY NINE.  Exterior.  Over the desert, three kilometers south of Amazonis Prime.

Happy Sol Veneris, Terrans.  Can’t believe it is already mid-December.  I also can’t believe we’re already about two thirds through “Book One” of Free Mars.

I’ll keep it short this week.  We’ve got one of those rare pages that I love: lots of dialogue.  Those big bubbles are awesome.  In this case, we get some serious exposition.  Kessler brings Vikki into his “circle of trust”, while Ms. Grimm remains skeptical of her lover’s motivations.  We also learn, as does Vikki, that things aren’t going terribly well for the rebels.  Finally, we discover that Martians love kelp.  Who doesn’t?

Oh, I really dig Nic’s flight helmet design.

This week’s music pairing is actually kind of a request.  We don’t usually do requests, but how could I deny the simple plea to “…include some Iron Maiden.”  To that end, this week is ‘Aces High.’  Makes sense, don’t you think?

Finally, we are running a little “fan art” competition and exhibit over the next few weeks.  The details are up now on the (appropriately enough) ‘Fan Art Exhibit’ page.  We’re still working out the details as far as prizes go, but I will say that I’ve been working on doing a very small run of Sisters Grimm and/or Kitty Porn concert shirts.  These probably won’t be for sale for a while (if ever), but I’ll be using them for promotional purposes.  The winner will definitely get one as soon as they’re printed up.  By the way, the “art” doesn’t have to be traditional illustration, it can be anything.  Even sculpts.

Until next week,