PAGE SIXTY EIGHT.  Exterior.  Rooftop of the Cydonian Towers, Amazonis Prime.

It’s a crack, I’m back yeah standing

On the rooftops shouting out,

Baby I’m ready to go

Suddenly Friday!  Hope everyone had a good system standard week.  I know some people will be sad to see last week’s page move into our Previous Transmissions archive, but we have a lot of ground left to cover.  Can’t stand there gawking all sol!

Like any swass luxury hotel, the Cydonian Towers has a VTOL pad on the roof.  It usually provides a nice VIP entrance/exit/escape route.  Here it serves as Damien Kessler’s staging point.  Is it me or do Kessler’s rides keep getting cooler?  Here we have an Ares-class gunship (this one is affectionately known as The Gorgon).

There’s a nice, if dramatic, transition here from the quiet, pre-dawn cool tones of the first two panels into the harsh “heat” of the VTOL pad.  I have a feeling, and this is just my personal take, that Nic has really come a long way over the course of ‘Free Mars’ when it comes to using colors to reflect a scene’s tone.  I mean, Nic was always great with color choices, but I think he’s become an expert on using strong, monochromatic schemes to really emphasize the mood of a given panel or scene (see the red monochrome in the cargo transport attack sequence).

Finally, this week’s music pairing has been a long-time coming.  I have a play-list on my iTunes called ‘Free Mars’ (hard to believe, I know) and this song was one of the first in.  In my head, this would be the End Credits to the FM movie (or HBO series pilot).  I’m not saying Vikki Grimm sounds like Saffron, but I’m not saying she doesn’t either.  Republica: ‘Ready to Go (2010 version).’  Plus a great live version from Conan here.

Anyway, I love this song.  I love 90’s music.  I can admit it.

Until next week, gremmies,