PAGE SIXTY SEVEN.  Interior, Kessler’s apartment at the Cydonian Towers.

That’s right, look down here.  Thanks.  Happy Friday (late Thursday night), Earthers.  We are once again very proud to bring you a new installment of our rock opera.  We’ve had some drugs and we’ve a lot of rock ‘n roll.  So, without further ado, here’s the sex.  I asked Nic to actually write this week’s blog post because I think he is, understandably, eager to talk about our comic this week:

“So. Sex. It’s a very important thing. It’s so important that we spent most of our lives trying to find someone to have it with and share it passionately. And since comics are a reflection of life, it’s only natural that sex should come up at some point.

As a kid, I grew up on European comics, which almost invariably contained sex (explicit or not) and/or eroticism. And our Argentine culture is very accustomed to erotic imagery, so it came out very naturally to me. But working in American comics, I had to learn to tone that down to a tease. It was another culture and had some strict rules about it! Plus, it seemed almost irrational for me to see, say, Superman shagging Lois Lane (with all due respect). All this time, then, the sex was just in the back of my head.

Until FREE MARS came along.

Dave and I shared a common interest in stories and were both very clear on what we thought was fun to write/draw/read. And sex was never an issue. It was a part of it. Thus, this page shouldn’t be something unexpected to our readers. It should be something reassuring of the direction we’re taking with the project and the rules we want to break. Because even if our Mars is reminiscent of great classics and has a lot of influences, it still breaks the mold in many ways.

I firmly believe this is one of my best pages to date. The flow of the scene, the composition, the atmosphere, the anatomy. Everything conspires to bring Damien and Vikki’s passion to life. This is very intimate, but for some reason it doesn’t feel weird or stiff. It feels natural and tasteful. It is, thankfully, another testament to the richness and open-mindedness of FREE MARS. Enjoy it.”  – NRG

For my own part, I have had this love scene written for weeks, but I was on the fence about the specifics.  Most pages are fully constructed by the time I send them south and, though Nic fills in so many details, the main action is described in depth.  This page was a little different.  I had a clear image of the first two panels, but I wanted Nic to “take it away” in the third.  He did.

To me, the question always had to be: does this scene further the story?  If the answer was “no”, then it was just going to be a gratuitous display; unnecessary.  But if I sincerely believed that the scene did move forward the relationship of these two characters, then it was appropriate.  I think that criteria was met.  The page is a triumph of Nic’s skill.  Nic isn’t exactly subtle here, but our Mars is not a subtle place.  Our Martians don’t have time for subtle.

Anyway, look at all our rambling!  What do you think?  Oh, and, of course: Lovesong.

Dave & Nic